What Health Benefits Does Citronella Oil Contain?

Health Benefits of Citronella

Health Benefits of Citronella

We all know that citronella oil can be a useful insect repellent. But, today, I am going to share with you the other health benefits of Citronella oil. We have shared to you on our previous post the health benefits of Eucalyptus now we are sharing the importance of Citronella Oil. People are slowly becoming more aware of the health benefits of aromatherapy. Not only does this practice rejuvenate our senses and relax us, but it helps cultivate our inner self so that we feel extremely composed and calm after a session. However, a lot of the advantages depend entirely upon the type of essential oil we are using for the treatment. No two oils are alike, and each has its own set of pros. However, citronella oil is one of the most commonly used herbal oil in aromatherapy. Even though it is actively used as an ingredient in the kitchen, the subtle qualities of this oil are well-received by individuals interested in aromatherapy and its healing effects.

Citronella oil is used in many circles as a common yet effective insect repellant, especially for driving away mosquitoes that are capable of causing dengue or malaria. However, that is not all that this oil is good for. There are plenty of other benefits as well, including the fact that it refreshes your mind and produces a pleasant aroma which creates a soothing environment. Citronella oil works wonders when it comes to softening your skin. It is also a useful agent for fighting sweat problems of the feet as well as gushy skin.

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#1 Protection Against Cold

The unique lemon-like smell that emanates from this oil is great for relaxing your olfactory senses. The oil also helps in adding vitality and reinvigorating your body. No wonder it is a common ingredient when it comes to fighting off harmful seasonal diseases such as the flu, colds, as well as some infections. The oil derived from citronella also possesses extenuating properties.

#2 Get a Healthier Skin

Another reason why citronella oil is so popular is due to the fact that it can easily be blended with other ingredients such as pine, lavender, orange, geranium, bergamot, and lemon. The substance is entirely non-toxic and is suitable for all types of skin. In fact, it is a proven soothing solution for sensitive skin or people suffering from serious skin conditions like irritation or dermatitis. However, there are limitations to the use of citronella oil and it is not recommended for small children or pregnant ladies.

#3 Helps Remove Harmful Toxins

Citronella oil is believed to a be a potent diaphoretic and so it leads to sweating, thereby helping in eliminating harmful toxins from your constitution. Therefore, citronella oil is extremely useful if you are trying to detoxify your body. The stimulating effects of the substance also help in improving the circulation of your blood, and aids in the immune system in working more effectively. The metabolism of your body is also improved considerably due to the use of citronella oil and it results in a stronger digestive system as well as a constitution that is more resistant to different kinds of ailments.

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#4 The Side-effects

Of course, there should be side-effects on everything good. You should always use citronella oil after consulting a professional, experienced aromatherapist – one who has experience handling this substance. Otherwise, if used in the wrong manner, it could inflict more harm on your health than good. Never make the mistake of experimenting with healthcare items. Always be cautious. However, do not hesitate to try this if you want some relaxation in your life and want to get rid of the toxic substances that have collected over the years as a result of your daily routine and hectic schedule. Be careful that once you have surrendered your mind and body during aromatherapy, you have no defenses left and the substance will impact your health accordingly. So, use this substance with care and experience the rich benefits.

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