Types Of Exercise

Types of Exercise

To have a healthier living, taking a proper serving of foods and having a perfect meal diet is not enough. The body needs exercise to make body muscles, bones and cardiovascular be more healthy. By means of exercising, you can control your weight, lower the risk of having cancer, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Exercising can also enhance your mental health and mood and most important is that, by means of exercising, living longer can be achieved. The question now is:

What are the types of exercise that fits for you?

There are three types of exercise.

  1. Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

In order to improve your fitness levels, you just need to have an aerobic exercise regularly. By this, you can have a healthier heart, lungs and muscles. In terms with maintaining a healthy weight, just simply combine aerobic exercise with a perfect and balanced diet. To enjoy an aerobic exercising, just choose one of the types of aerobic that suits to what you are needing. Just like swimming, football playing, cycling and other athletics. Those are just some of the most popular aerobic exercises.

  1. Strength Exercise

Strength Exercise

This type of exercise helps you improve your body strength, balance and posture, helps you keep your bones healthy as well as your blood pressure. And by doing this strength exercise, you can let your muscles burn up calories, which means you can lessen the excess fats that you have and live with a healthy weight. Strength exercise is not just available in a gym, you can also do this by your own. You can do it in your home or in public places. Just like gardening or carrying shopping.

  1. Flexibility Exercise

Flexibility Exercise

In order to have an active body, you should have a flexible muscle. It is advisable to have a regular flexibility exercise in order to improve your range of motion. This type of exercise involves muscle groups stretching without bouncing or jerking. There are kinds of flexibility exercise that you may enjoy and these are yoga, pilates and tai chi.

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Do the exercise with moderate intensity.

Set a goal and aim to have at least 2 hours and a half every week. You do not need to finish doing a 2 hours and half exercise in just a day. You can break it into sessions. 20 to 30 minutes per session will do. With this, you can achieve a moderate intensity which means your breathing is faster, your heart rate increases and you feel warmer.

Exercise’ intensity can be adjusted by just depending on your personal goals. It is advised to start an exercise gently and gradually it will increase your effort level. If you make it faster and harder, you may end up being tired and out focus that may lead you to stop doing such exercise.

And not just that, you may harm your body muscles. So, better do it slowly yet surely. At first, exercise schedules may difficult to insert on your daily routines.

In order to make it easier, start a 10 minute exercise. 10 minutes exercise daily will do. The important only is for you to find out the best exercise that will suit to you, where you will going to enjoy and will match your abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Get up and pick the best exercise for you and enjoy living healthy.

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