Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Skin Cancer Moles

#5 Scaly Patches

Scally Patches on Skin Cancer
Scally Patches. Image by:

Scaly patches are often caused by dry skin. But if the affected area is more than 6mm, and has been present for over six weeks, you should not ignore it. This is a common signal for basal cell carcinoma.

Actinic Cheilitis (Farmer’s Lip)

Actinic Cheilitis
Actinic Cheilitis Image by:

Another condition is called Actinic Cheilitis or Farmers’ lips. This condition often serves as a warning that a skin cancer is about to develop. This condition as where it got its name usually located on the lower part of the lips. The condition may include, swelling, itching and scaly patches.


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