Skin Cancer Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Skin Cancer Moles

Get Yourself Checked! Top 5 Skin Cancer Symptoms

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the United States. The condition is often misdiagnosed since there are numerous kinds of symptoms. However, recognizing and knowing whether you have skin cancer is a vital part of maintaining your health. And in order to recognize properly, check out the five symptoms below:

#1 Weird Moles

Skin Cancer Moles
Skin Cancer Moles. Image by:

To Note: Cancerous Moles are changing in size and color. Know your Mole ABDCD’s

While you do not have to worry about a new mole or freckle, a new mole that is more than 6mm in size should get checked immediately. That’s because this is a common early warning symptom of melanoma, the most hazardous form of skin cancer. There are many who believe that melanomas develop only in older individuals who have been exposed to the sun more, but the truth is, everybody needs to keep a close eye on their moles for irregularity.

Another important identifier of a cancerous mole is that it will not stay the same; it is going to grow and change. Thus, if you think something like this is present on your body, visit a dermatologist immediately.

Non-cancerous moles are usually symmetrical, and have smooth, defined edges. However, if a new mole on your body appears to be asymmetrical, with rough edges, you should see a doctor at once. Sometimes, the edges of these moles may fade into your skin. So, check carefully and take appropriate action as soon as possible.

The color of moles is usually brown or tan. In some cases, moles can also be somewhat pink. But if the mole on your body is blue, black, white, or red, it should be enough to schedule an appointment with the doctor. The mole should also not be a mixture of tans and browns – it could be a symptom of skin cancer. The healthy moles all bear a uniform color. However, you should know that innocently colored moles, while non-threatening on your skin tone, could mean something completely different for a person with a different skin color. The rule of thumb here is, the fairer you are, the lighter your spots are expected to be.

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