The Negative Effects Of Technology

bad things about technology

The Negative Side of Technology

The first thing that this topic brings to my mind is the hit live-action anthology television series called Black Mirror about tech has gone wrong, with a tragic ending for the protagonists – either in form of a loss of a loved one or threat to one’s person or dignity or compulsion or revelation, etc. The series revolves around the sheer fact how technology can be a boon and a bane at the same time as it is true how technology has augmented the pace of our life but not without a cost.

Nowadays our dependence on electronic storage has led people to hardly consider keeping a physical evidence of their memories. We might exchange a ton of data over the internet on a daily basis but each of these data has a very short digital lifespan as they can become redundant or may need to be upgraded in order to adjust to changing software and hardware configurations.

With this lightning-fast advancement in the field of technology people are getting more and more isolated from one another and the major brunt of this falling on the elderly and the poor. Both, the former owing to the lack of understanding of such a complex medium at an older age and the latter due to limited resource have a hard time grasping the knowledge of modern machines and their functions, resultantly falling back and becoming all the more vulnerable to online scams and other such cyber crimes.

Predicting the course of technology is a lot easier now than it was four or five decades ago. Given the current scenario with internet’s omnipresence and the huge popularity of social media the probable collapse of human health and humanity as a whole does not seem as outlandish as it might have seemed to those living fifty years ago.

The Negative Effects of Technology On Someone’s Health

bad things about technology
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While technology may give us an edge to make our lives easier, overusing it can pose several challenges to our lives. With the internet and advancements in digital communications, the workplace has come to one’s home. Working hours, say about twenty to thirty years ago, meant that from 9 to 5, from Monday to Friday. Nowadays, it extends beyond that, entering the private space of your household keeping you up, immersed in the bright LED screen of your laptop or PC.

  • Obesity
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Did you know that technology can make you obese and unhealthy? Because technology simply means “comfort“. Every day new technologies are being born to help humans in their daily life and this human becomes lazier because less and less work has to be done manually.

What the above-mentioned condition leads to is potential workaholism. Although it’s not bad to be dedicated to your profession it tends to eat up your personal space leaving no time for leisure; all work but no play makes Jack a dull boy.

  • Depression

Moreover, prolonged exposure to the bright screens of your mobiles and laptops can put physical pressure too like vision problems, hearing disability, migraine, back problems and of the like. One of the biggest negatives of technology is that over-usage of cell-phones and Wi-fi also increases the risk of brain cancer.

  • Poor Sleep

With all the online social platform available today such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and the only available time you could enjoy these online-perks is after work, especially before sleep time. You find yourself looking at your clock that says 1:00 am. With all these technologies around us your forget about time and consuming everything for these pleasures.

  • Addiction

Can technology can cause addiction? Surely yes, have you ever met someone that constantly looking at his phone checking updates on his/her social apps. Or did you know someone that is skipping classes because he’s playing his favorite online games? That is new kind of addiction!

The Negative Effects On Your Social Life

Negative Effects of Technology
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  • The loss of interaction
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As was mentioned previously, with the omnipresence of communicative technology, home and workplace seemed to have merged. This is just one instance. People nowadays are hooked onto the internet. With the rise of cheap smartphones and the popularity of social media, people barely feel like looking up from the home-screens of their cellphones to look at the people sitting across the table. As a result, psychological issues like narcissism, depression, inferiority or superiority complex are some of the bad effects of technology that can be mentioned in this regard.

People nowadays do not visit their relatives and loved ones much, they just ‘drop a text’. Couples out on a date do not look at each other as their eyes are scanning their social media profiles of latest notification. Food is no longer consumed, it lies there on the table while pictures are taken to show the world almost whatever we are doing every day. One’s world has become one’s screen.

  • Electronic Replacement

Back in the ‘50s no one had thought that there would be so many types of machines that will be replacing a human. Automation is another aspect which several humanist and socialist groups in the world had and still continues to categorize as one of the negatives of technology. With daily advancements in the field of robotics, research has shown that more than 10 million workers in the UK stand a high chance of being replaced in the next 15 years.

An instance of such a scenario is the mass usage of self-checkout machines. While these were thought to be impossible at first it soon grew in popularity. It allows a store to manage multiple billing lanes under just one staff cutting costs radically. The day is not far when jobs solely for humans will soon be replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) and robots.

  • Pretending To Be Someone Else
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I am pretty sure everyone has done this! To pretend to be someone else online. Whether you pretend as a beautiful girl, and rich guy, a sizzling hot woman. Surely, the internet is the home of scams and lies.

The Negative Effects on Your Privacy

Why is Technology Bad
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  • Loss of Privacy

Satellite communication has advanced in the recent years and its reach has increased many folds. Services like Google Maps allow you to locate anyplace on this earth; kind of like a God’s eye. Even realms beyond the space of our planet are also within our reach nowadays thanks to the Hubble Telescope. The Internet has increased connectivity but has ruined our privacy.

Self-obsession and need for instant gratification drives us unconsciously to keep posting pictures and sharing our location whenever we’re visiting a place or going to a party or out for a movie with friends. We want the world to see what we are doing and in the form of their ‘likes’ need to convince ourselves that we are having a great time. We are absolutely indifferent to the bad effects of technology like the internet and social media and how easily it can exploit our personal data that we are dealing with so publicly.

These aforementioned points shed but only partial light on why technology is bad. Technology is something of immense power and can be put to disastrous use if it falls into the wrong hands; it can very easily turn into a weapon of mass destruction. The fear of machines acquiring super-intelligence and changing civilization as we know it is not an absurd thought. It is very likely to happen. This article is to make people aware of the danger of technology that is hidden under the garb of new scientific and mechanical inventions made for comfort.

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