Study Says: Quitting Facebook Can Make You Stressed

Deavtivating Facebook Profile

Deavtivating Facebook Profile

Did you Know Deactivating Your Facebook Account Make Someone Unhappy?

Among all of the social media platforms we use today, Facebook is definitely the best! It has millions and millions of users that join use the network on a daily basis. I am not different.

Indeed, Facebook has made many things easier for us, such as chatting with someone who is far away or remembering important dates. Besides from that, Facebook has the power to affect our feelings as it boosts our dopamine levels which makes us happy.

Facebook does so through its many options. The best and leading one is the “like button”. Who doesn’t like to get liked, right?

Well, not all things are good when it comes to Facebook. Facebook’s owner was included in a recent scandal. Ha has been accused of leaking people’s personal information. When you think of it, it is our fault that we put so many of our private information online. People can learn everything they want just by checking our profiles.

Although that is a big flaw, this article will talk about a different thing.

A University of Queensland research team has been conducting researches regarding the effect Facebook has on its user’s stress levels. The team was led by Dr. Eric Vanman.

They did experiments which needed people to stop using Facebook for a certain amount of time.

Here is what their results said.

After they have tested a decent amount of people, their results have shown that taking a break from Facebook for just 5 days would lead to the reduction of a person’s stress hormone cortisol.

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Things weren’t that easy though. People who were tested have shown excellent results when it comes to lowering down their stress levels by not using Facebook, however, their sense of well being had worsened.

Dr. Eric claims that his participants weren’t happy with their lives and that they wanted to get immediately back to Facebook. Indeed, a participant’s stress hormone levels (cortisol) have fallen down, but the participant didn’t feel it. They all said that their stress level is the same as before.

Dr. Eric and his colleagues have tested 138 people divided into two groups. One group used Facebook like before. The other one didn’t use it at all. His results are solid, but participants didn’t agree.

The idea behind this research came to Dr. Eric from his personal Facebook journey as he tried to quit it and found out he is happier without it.

Facebook Test Results

At the end of the day, what they can say about the results of their research is that people tend to run away from Facebook when they feel stressed, but immediately come back to it when they feel unhappy.

The truth is that Facebook has become a part of our everyday lives. It knows everything about us but it also provides a lot to us. Who knows what the future will bring.

At the end of this article, a question remains – Could you take some days off of Facebook? What do you think?


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