Snoring Could Be A Warning Sign and What You Need To Know

Dangers of Snoring

The Dangers of Heavily Snoring

Most people consider snoring to be an embarrassing or annoying side-effect of sleep, not a major health risk. However, studies have shown that people whose snoring is caused by severe sleep apnea are 40% more likely to die early than their peers. This is because the sleep disorder is connected to different health problems. If you snore, you could have one of the following problems and should consult your doctor about that as soon as possible. On this article, you will learn what is the relation heart attack and snore.

Is Snoring Normal?

Of course, not all snoring could be dangerous. Snoring is caused by a blockage of airway on your throat forcing your mount to open and create an airway. Snorers do not usually know that they are snoring their bed partners are the ones to suffer. If the snoring comes on the time where you are coughing or waking up this is the time to go to a sleep doctor and undergo some tests.

Coughing while snoring signals that you have stopped breathing while on your sleep this causes you to wake up but you won’t remember that. Some patients sleep-test results showed that they are waking 2-3 times in a minute during sleep! This is very dangerous in the long run because your body will deteriorate because of lack of sleep and the below condition are develop eventually:

#1 Stroke

The louder you snore, the higher your chances of carotid atherosclerosis – there have been many studies that suggest this. But what does this mean? Well, it means that your neck arteries become narrower owing to fatty deposits known as plaque. Pretty soon, this leads to a stroke. You should seek help for this problem, especially if you feel drowsy during the day, have high blood pressure, or your breathing has been known to stop in your sleep.

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#2 Heart Disease

Snoring is often linked to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. It could also be indicative of coronary artery disease, thereby increasing the possibility of heart attacks. According to medical data, people suffering from sleep apnea are twice more likely to have both fatal and non-fatal heart attacks. The best form of treatment for such sleep disorders is continuous positive airway pressure, which brings down the risk of heart disease.

#3 Arrhythmias

If you suffer from long-term sleep apnea or snoring, chances are you may have developed arrhythmia or irregular heart rhythm. According to medical studies, people suffering from sleep apnea have a great chance of experiencing atrial fibrillation episodes, which are the most common sort of arrhythmia. Apnea actually affects the conductive system of the heart, and if left unchecked, can cause more damage by enlarging your left atrium.

#4 Day Time Accidents

Did you know that snoring can cause injuries? Daytime sleepiness can be so intense that it threatens not only your health but that of the people around you. If you feel exhausted, you run the risk of falling asleep, and this could be dangerous when you’re driving. Thus, the sleepier you feel, the greater the risk of car accidents. If you’re driving alone, the risk might be even greater.

#5 Headaches and other Mental Health Problems

Snoring can lead to deterioration of your long-term mental health, resulting in problems like depression or lack of sleep or crankiness. According to a survey, 74 snorers indicated that the more sleepy they felt during the day, the higher their chances of experiencing mild depression or anxiety. Though this relationship still needs a lot of studies, treating sleep apnea appears to soothe depression.

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Can You Die From snoring?

If you’re in the habit of waking up with a headache, it could be due to the snoring. After all, a recent study found that sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia were connected to frequent morning headaches. Unsurprisingly, people who snored a lot and woke up with frequent headaches reported experiencing lower quality sleep than others. You will feel very exhausted during the day and if this continues, in the long run, you could develop the above-mentioned heart diseases and that can kill you instantly.

Snoring can be symptomatic of something far more problematic with your internal health. So, if you’re snoring too much or too loudly, seek medical help quickly.

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