Key to Living a Healthy Life


Today’s article has an interesting topic. As a matter of fact, it has one of those topics that simply intrigue everyone. With that being said, this article does not have an age restriction and could be useful to everybody.

So, what could possibly be that thing that everyone would want to know the answer to? Well, I’m not going to pretend to be smart here, you have already read the title of the article.

Although you won’t find an elixir of youth here, nor a fountain of youth for that matter, you may learn something that changes your lifestyle all together.

Today’s “x factor” will be food. So let’s dig in.

How can food affect your longevity?


The general idea is this, and some of you may not like it: Eat less in order to live longer.

The theory behind that statement is that slowing down your metabolism could possibly lead to the increase of your lifespan. Sound crazy, but let’s see if it really is.

A study published in CELL METABOLISM has been experimenting and searching for new answers regarding this topic.

As we can see from their study’s results, they have found out that by sharply cutting and avoiding calorie intake, a person’s metabolism can be slowed down which would lead to slowing down the aging process.

This is one of the first studies that tested the response of humans while being on a caloric deficit for a long period of time. Make no mistake about it, this study was extreme!

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The scientists asked their non-obese participants to cut down 25% of calories from their diets for two years!

The participants did lose a significant amount of weight, however, report shows that they slowed their metabolism and reduced oxidative stress.

Their cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides levels all decreased as well.

Another study has come up with the same conclusion, only this one was conducted on animals. As the scientists figured out, this diet could be very effective in prolonging your lifespan, but it is very difficult to maintain. We are just humans after all. We love our food!

Well, let’s not stop here. Let’s check some of the alternatives that have the same goal.

Alternative methods that are known to slow the aging process

  • Quit smoking – besides other bad things smoking may cause, it may even cut down your lifespan.

quit smoking

  • Start doing physical activities – a good run or a workout will be excellent for you every now and then. This way you will train your body in order for it to become stronger and your mind will follow it. Remember, you don’t have to train like professional athletes do. Two times a week could be quite sufficient, however, the more your train the better.

physical activities

  • Watch over your diet – Research shows that having a good diet will not just help you with slowing down the aging process but with overcoming illnesses as well. We are what we eat so why not make your body a temple by putting the right kind of “fuel” in it. A simple thing you should start doing right away is start eating fruits and vegetables. That way your body will be supplied with enough vitamins and minerals that it can use in order to protect you.
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  • Maintain a healthy weight – This one kind of goes with the previous point. Calculate your ideal weight but also take into consideration your emotions. Find the ideal weight for yourself and try to maintain that. Without a doubt you will not only look better but feel better as well.

healthy weight


And just like that, we have come to the end of today’s article. Like I have already told you, today’s topic is definitely for everyone. So, if you want to live as long as you can, try implementing some of these “tips” into your daily lifestyle.

Remember, you also want to enjoy life. What’s the point of living long if you don’t enjoy what you are doing? Take all thing into consideration and create the best lifestyle for you that you possibly can!

Well, that would be all for today. I hope you have enjoyed and learned something new!

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