How is X-Ray Useful in Treating Different Ailments?

Medical Wonders of X-ray

Medical Benefits of an X-ray

Medical Wonders of X-ray

Have you injured your foot? Have you fallen down a flight of stairs? Do you think you’ve broken a bone in your body? If yes, then you should get an X-ray done immediately. An X-ray is a medical imaging test that allows physicians to look inside your body. You must already be aware of the fact that this procedure does not involve any kind of incision. X-rays are useful in detecting broken bones and internal health issues, even those which cannot be noticed from outside the body. But that is not the only reason why X-rays are good. They help to prevent physical complications as well. Of late, the variety and scope of X-rays have expanded to include the treatment of certain conditions. All you need to do is visit a nearby medical center and have yourself checked.

How an X-Ray is Performed

When you consult a physician, the first thing they will suggest is an X-ray if they think that something might be wrong with you on the inside. It could be that he/she wants to inspect a particular area which is in a lot of pain. Moreover, X-rays are useful when it comes to monitoring the progression of certain diseases like osteoporosis. Doctors may also use X-ray treatment to ascertain the effectiveness of a course of treatment, and monitor the results.

Which Problems Require X-Ray Intervention

X-ray Benefits

It is better to get an X-ray done if you are suffering from one of these conditions:

  • Osteoporosis
  • Severe fractures
  • Tooth decay
  • Lung-related health issues
  • Major infection
  • Bone cancer
  • Enlarged heart
  • Arthritis
  • Digestive problems
  • Clogged blood vessels
  • Accidentally swallowed items
  • Breast tumors
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Do X-Rays Pose Any Health Risks?

Yes, it is true that a patient undergoing an X-ray treatment does come in contact with radiation. However, the level of radiation is minimal and does not pose any threat to adults. But it may pose problems for fetal development. So, if you suspect that you might be carrying a child or are already pregnant, you should notify your doctor immediately. In such cases, your physician might suggest some other form of testing, one that does not utilize any sort of radiation, such as a regular MRI examination.

How Can You Prep for X-Ray Testing?

Most of the time, X-rays are commonly treated as routine tests. Thus, they do not require any sort of preparation on the part of the patient. Still, considering which part of your body is under review, it would be best if you wore loose fitting clothes that facilitate unobstructed and free movement. In certain situations, you might be asked to change into a normal hospital gown before undergoing the test.

You need to be careful about removing metallic items like ornaments from your body before you subject yourself to X-ray diagnostics. It is also necessary to notify your doctor at once if you have some sort of metal implant inside your body from a past surgical procedure. The reason why removal is important is they prevent the X-rays from passing through the body.

There are other X-ray procedures that involve the use of contrast dyes. Patients may also receive injections. Pills are also commonly used. Patients may also need to empty their stomachs before the treatment if the test is meant to inspect their intestines. This also means that you have to fast for a certain period of time before you are due for the diagnostic examination.

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Completion of the Procedure

Once you are done, you are free to change back into your regular wear and continue with your daily activities. Patients are handed their X-ray results quickly, often on the same day. Both your doctor as well as the radiologist will go through these reports and help you decide upon a future course of action.

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