Get to Know The World’s Oldest Person

The Worlds Oldest Person

Guess the age of the World’s Oldest Person

That one thing that we, the people, are so curious about and that we might never find answers to, is life itself. From the day we are born, the process of learning about life and all of its true colors begins.

We start seeking more knowledge, experience more, have fun and fall in love. To be honest with you, nothing that I have mentioned in the previous sentence makes a man/woman want to live more than love.

Well, today’s topic will be based on life itself. Today, we will be exploring some of the oldest people alive!

The Old World’s Oldest Person

We are all familiar with the Guinness’s World of Records book. However, I doubt that most of you knew about the special category in that book, made especially for the oldest people on Earth.

That category is exactly what – the World’s oldest person category.

So, let’s check the winners and current record holders.

Violet Mosse Brown
Violet Mosse Brown – Previous record holder for the worlds oldest person. Image from

This story simply has to start with the former record holder that passed away in 2017 – Miss Violet Moss-Brown.

Violet Moss-Brown was the record holder until 2017 when she passed away in her 117th year of life. That number is truly frightening.

Her story is extremely interesting. She was alive before the creation of Jamaica; at that time, Jamaica was still in the British Empire.

Miss Violet has seven children! She outlived her youngest daughter who also died a natural death. Her daughter died in her 97th year of age! It seems that the gift of long life is running in her family.

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So, Miss Violet got the certificate from Guinness as the current (in that time) record holder with 117 years and 139 days of life.

The people who have met her have only high praise for her. They only talk about how remarkable and good she was.

Before her, the record holder was Emma Morano. She passed away in her 117th year of age (137 days) in April 2017.

The Current Record Holder for The Worlds Oldest Person in the World

Besides from them, it is almost impossible not the mention the oldest person ever to live, and also a woman – Jeanne Calment.

Worlds Oldest Person
JEANNE LOUISE CALMENT – Image from GuinnessWorldRecords

Miss Jeanne Calment had 122 years of age and 164 days when she passed away. Jeanne was born 14 years before the Eiffel tower was even built. As a matter of fact, she even watched it being constructed.

When it comes to men, there is no current record holder for the World’s oldest man alive. However, people in Guinness are looking to change things up.

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Well, we have come to the end of this article. The topic was, at least by my humble opinion, very interesting and fun. I hope you have enjoyed and learned something new about the World’s Oldest Person record holders.

If you didn’t get anything from this article, get this: Enjoy your life and don’t drag yourself down with problems that are before you. Live every day like it is your last and never look back! That is the only way to live.

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