From 500 Pounds Down To 150 – See His Amazing Transformation

Man lost 350 pounds

Struggling to lose a few inches? Well, you might find the inspiration you need by reading the story of Zach Moore. Moore was able to lose hundreds of pounds through determination, dedication, and the support of his family. No longer does he worry about “eating himself to death”. Previously weighing 500 lbs, Zach underwent a complete transformation and is currently enjoying his healthy new life.

Zach Said “Didn’t expect to lose 350 pounds, but I did”

Man lost 350 pounds
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Needless to say, the path to a fitter body was not an easy one. The 35-year-old father had actually given up all hope and had gone as far as to record a farewell video for his son. He thought he would succumb to his weight and not wake up one day. Imagine how it feels knowing that your life is slowly coming to a close! It must have been a terrifying thought for Zach, knowing that all he was leaving behind for his family were memories.

But everything changed once Zach fell sick. When he had to stand on a scale in the hospital, Zach began to truly understand the implications of his weight and how it would affect himself and those around him.  It was then that he decided things needed to change. He could not go on like this. He had to turn things around before it was too late.

The looming threat of death was enough of incentive to quit all negative lifestyle habits. Zach forced himself to remove sugary foods and carbonated beverages from his diet. He even quit smoking. But considering how far gone he was, Zach knew he had to go the extra mile if he wanted to lose weight fast. So, he opted for weight loss surgery. He also implemented changes to his lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising regularly. The thought of his wife Amber and his son, Zachary Jr. also motivated him to regain control of his life. After all, he had no way of knowing what would become of them after he passed away of a heart attack.

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But there was one setback. Zach had stretched his body out so many times that the rapid weight loss had left him with a lot of loose, hanging skin. He appeared on the show “The Doctors”, and the specialists there agreed to perform free surgery to remove the excess skin from his frame. After ten surgical procedures, Zach managed to get rid of 20 lbs of loose, hanging skin. There were other procedures involved in his transformation, including muscle repair, breast reduction, and even a tummy tuck to make his muscles firmer. All of these surgeries resulted in nearly 2,400 stitches.

Six years later, and Zach is completely unrecognizable.

Man lost 350 pounds
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In his new avatar, the 5’9” Zach has a weight of 150 pounds. His waistline has reduced from 72” to 30”. As he continues to lose more weight, Zach regains his lost confidence and sense of self-esteem. He claims that the journey towards a healthier and fulfilling life has made him feel like the winner who can accomplish anything in life.

See his Amazing Transformation On This Video

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