5 Best Food to Fight Hair Loss

Food to Eat To Prevent Hair Loss

Foods to Prevents Hair Loss

It can come as an unpleasant shock when you see strands of hair sticking to your comb every time you brush your hair. But hair loss is a common problem, one that is experienced 80 million US citizens. Conditions such vitamin deficiency, autoimmune disorders, lack of sleep, and stress all contribute to hair loss. Handling the problem of thinning hair and hiding your bald spots in public can be difficult, but there is a solution present in the form of dietary changes. When you eat right, you can reduce the falling of hair.

Here is some food to eat to prevent hair loss. Check the right foods that help you achieve this below:

#1 Salmon

Salmon Fish
credits: newhealthadvisor.com

Your hair is a protein fiber. This indicates that you must consume protein for growing new hair strands on your head and ensuring that the existing ones stay strong. Protein can also help in the production of keratin, which is a vital component present in hair. And protein is present in great quantities in marine life, including salmon. This ingredient also contains a lot of vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are integral to boosting the health of hair in women.

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