Evening Primrose Oil and Its Health Benefits

What is your first course of action when you fall sick? Pay a visit to your doctor, right? They can provide the necessary medicinal help when you are suffering from a serious condition. But there are times when their treatments do not assist in curing your ailment. Or they prescribe too strong a medication that your body is unable to handle. This is the main reason why a lot of people are seeking alternative, natural medicines for curing their sickness. One of the main reasons is that unlike man-made medicines, these alternative products do not have any kind of negative effects on the body.

Many people do not also like the idea of putting man-made chemicals in their body. For them, natural medicines offer greater benefits and are much more rooted in history and culture. That’s why in many parts of the world they are commonly used like everyday medicines. And the most common form is essential oils.

There are many different varieties of essential oils available in the market and you can easily get them from a health shop. While different products have separate health benefits, some of the evening primrose oil are new additions to the world of aromatherapy. However, that does not make them any less potent. In fact, they have been a mainstay in Chinese medicine for many centuries.

Where Does Evening Primrose Oil Come From?

The evening primrose is a gorgeous, vibrant yellow flower that is found all across the United States. The oil that is used in alternative medicine is commonly extracted by cold-pressing the seeds and extracting the raw oil.

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This oil is quite precious and is full of healthy goodness. For starters, it is rich in hormones and has been found to produce favorable results on hair, skin, and bones. The substance is rich in essential fatty acids that are required by your body to maintain the overall general health. However, the body does not have the ability to produce essential fatty acids on your own and so you need to absorb the required quantity through your food. Evening primrose oil also contains a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acid and Omega 6 Fatty acid, both of which are great when it comes to improving the health of your brain and aiding in its growth and development.

Most people rely on fish oil for their intake of Omega fatty acids. However, if you do not enjoy the taste of fish or are vegetarian, evening primrose oil works as a suitable alternative.

Great for hormonal balance

The substance has been found to deliver wonderful results when it comes to ensuring the hormone health in people, and lots of women have begun to include it as an essential part of their lifestyle for treating the symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) and maintaining decent hormone health, especially when you are attempting to conceive. Due to the benefits, it has on hormones, it is also a welcome cure for people suffering from acne. Since it helps balance the hormones in the body, it is highly useful for treating acne conditions associated with hormonal imbalance.

Further research conducted by the University of Maryland found that the oil is highly useful for combating hair loss once it is massaged in oil form into the hair. People also notice a bump in their hair regrowth rate. Thus, if you suffer from the effects of alopecia, this could be a highly beneficial item for you.

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Since evening primrose in rich in Omega fatty acids, the advantages it has on the overall health of your skin is rather impressive. The oil is also used by people who are suffering from a major case of eczema.

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