Swallowing Semen could help you make pregnant

Swallowing Semen From Your Partner Could Help You Have a Baby – Scientists claim.

Semen is a bodily fluid produced by a male’s seminal vesicle in the pelvis through a process called ejaculation. This bodily fluid contains more than 50 compounds, according to an…

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Deavtivating Facebook Profile

Study Says: Quitting Facebook Can Make You Stressed

Did you Know Deactivating Your Facebook Account Make Someone Unhappy? Among all of the social media platforms we use today, Facebook is definitely the best! It has millions and millions…

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Cancer is a business

Is Cancer Not a Disease But a Business?

We’ve put people on the moon. We’ve harnessed clean energy. We’ve cloned animals. Yet we’ve not discovered a cure for cancer till date. Or so the government would have you…

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Chicken with mushroom sauce, braised pumpkin and pork, daikon carrot salad, rice, miso soup, chawan mushi

How A Hospital in Japan Provide Meals To A New Mother

Drool yourself With These Appetizing Meals From A Hospital In Japan! Japan never ceases to amaze us. Admit it, almost everyone I know who has been hospitalized could say that hospital food…

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Body Building Tips For Beginners

Everything in this world, in this life, there is always a starting point. In body building, it is not just in a matter of one snap then, there it is,…

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Avoid Soda

6 Easy Tips For A Healthier Living

No one wanted to be unhealthy. The body is the main source of everything. Once healthy, everything is possible. Human health depends on what we eat and drink and also…

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Get enough sleep

9 Ways To Maintain Whiter Skin

These simple tips will make your skin healthier and more radiant They said it is difficult to have a whiter skin, how much in maintaining a whiter skin? Well, nowadays,…

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