Be Careful Eating Pork Some of Them has Nasty Worms

Worms on Pork Meat

Is it True That Pork has Worms in it?

Well, YES! But that depends on how someone grows their pigs and how well, you prepare your pork meat before eating. I’m pretty sure majority of the Earth population eat pork meat! Well, after doing some digging I came across to this youtube video that brought me to tremble. We know that pigs eat almost everything even their poop, urine, mud, the nastiest food you could find pigs can consume that with no consequences. You know where the consequences are? It’s on their meat!

This accumulated food are converted into harmful toxins along with the larvae of parasites that are called Trichinella spiralis these parasites never died during digestion they are stored on their fat organs on pigs.

Poorly cooked meat can let these parasites live and after human consumption, it can grow from our body by absorbing nutrients from our intestines. As a general rule of cooking, you need to have a well-cooked meat before consumption to kill all lurking bacteria, viruses, and parasites on the food.

Dangers of Eating Raw Meat

As you could see on the video, the person put coke on the raw pork meat and these worms came out into hiding. Because these worms can’t resist the acidity level of the soda. If you continue on watching you could see a person being operated and there are tons of worms the doctor is pulling from the inside of his stomach area. This is because this person has consumed a contaminated pork meat that was poorly prepared.

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If you have guts to more of the video you can see a guy with worms extracted from his face. Pork worms grow in humans intestine and brain Scary.

Now, I can understand why some religion never considers eating pork meat.

Consequences of Eating Poorly Prepared Pork Meat

The video titled consequences of eating pork. But, I’d like to correct it to Consequences of Eating Poorly prepared pork meat.

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