5 Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Major Health Benefits of Oregano Oil

Health Benefits of Oregano Oil
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Over the centuries, oil from the oregano herb with scientific name Origanum vulgare has been renowned for its immense healing properties. The wild oregano plant is a common kitchen ingredient but the oil that is extracted from it has numerous other advantages besides cooking, which explains why it is one of the most widely cultivated plants nowadays.

Oregano oil has numerous health properties – it is known as a popular antibacterial cure and an antioxidant. The plant also contains antiviral as well as antifungal properties. A household cure against the effects of inflammation, oregano oil has tremendous medicinal value and you can administer it either externally or internally and have an even healthier life.

#1 Easy to Fetch

It is easily obtainable either in gel form or oil form. The oil form, however, is the most beneficial form you can obtain it in since it retains many of the wonderful healing properties for which this plant is known.

#2 Proven Results

The oil from the oregano plant has been found to provide wonderful results when you use it for the treatment of serious yeast related infections. Also known by its scientific name, Candida albicans, oregano oil has various other uses. Most commonly, it is used for the treatment of fungal diseases that do not go away very easy, such as ring worm and even athlete’s foot. It has been found to actively ward off any viruses which are responsible for fever and cold. However, you need to consume this oil on a daily basis.

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The substance has also been found to have potent healing effects when it comes to eradicating pre-existing infections within the body and facilitates a safe and speedy recovery.

#3 Fights Bacteria

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Oregano oil is known for its capacity to fight different types of bacteria. Its healing effects are on part with the strongest of medical antibiotics. The oil has the potential to cause a total cure of conditions such as E. coli as well as staph infections. The best part about this substance is that unlike drugs which are not altogether free from side effects, this works as a natural antibiotic and does not result in any altered strain due to the bacteria, which are drug-resistant.

#4 Kills Parasites with a Blow

Oregano is powerful enough to ward off several known parasites, eliminate fleas, ticks, lice, bed bugs from the body, and limit the impact of ameba and worms. No wonder this is treated like a wonder oil. It is rich in antioxidants and is capable of reducing the speed of the oxidation process of molecules. It can also neutralize the free radicals, thereby decreasing the chances of harming your body and repairing the existing damages.

The substance is also a well-known anti-ageing agent, which is used for guarding your health against various kinds of cancer, the drastic reduction in the quality of your eyesight, mental problems, wrinkles, and other prevalent health issues connected to old age.

#5 Fights Sores and Inflammations

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The oil derived from oregano has the ability to reduce inflammation. The substance is rich in terpenes, which are a natural sort of anti-inflammatory agent known for their healing effects. This is the exact reason why it is the first thing that medical experts recommend when you’re trying to find a cure for limiting the pain caused by asthma, inflammation from arthritis, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, eczema, ringworm, hepatitis and other serious medical conditions.

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Powerful Compound

The oil derived from the oregano plant has been found to be rich in two major compounds – thymol and carvacrol. When purchasing oregano oil or even oregano tea from the store or chemist, make sure that the strength of carvacrol is not less than 70 percent. Moreover, if the oil has not been thinned when you purchase it, make sure you dilute it properly before using it either externally or internally.

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