10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World


Everything you want to buy seems too expensive for you, doesn’t it? Even things that you do not want to buy are too expensive for you. So far, it was mostly solid things that were too expensive.

Gold? Diamond? Car? Everything is so expensive you have to put your dreams on hold and work for like a hundred years that you may not even survive for. However, here is one more thing we completely forget that is expensive- liquids. With global warming, we can estimate that water will be one of the most expensive liquids one day.

That would be a dark future but for now, we are alright and water is not the most expensive liquid. I know what came to your mind first- some kind of wine, right? Well, yes, there are many expensive wines but the list of the 10 most expensive liquids of the world is a bit more of variety. Let’s let them amaze you.

10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World: The Ones

#1 Insulin


Insulin is $3900 – $26,400 per Liter

You have definitely heard of insulin and chances are that you have seen someone close to you use it as well. Does not seem expensive, does it? However, it is quite expensive.

People with diabetes need it a lot and they usually take a small amount of it. As a result, the cost is somewhat affordable. However, a liter of insulin costs around 3900 to 26,400 dollars.

Apparently, it is collected from humans to help deal with the deficiency of the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. It is necessary to control the metabolism process.

#2 Human Blood

Human Blood in bag
Human Blood in bag

Human Blood costs $400 per Liter

When someone needs human blood, the patient’s relatives are informed immediately so that they can gather blood in the most affordable and fastest way. However, in case the blood is not available, they have to buy it. This sure is expensive and a huge problem when the blood is negative.

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Apparently, human blood can cost around 400 dollars per liter. Yes, it sure is affordable but not when you need more of it.

#3 GHB: Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid

Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid or GHB

GHB Acid costs $600 per Liter

This is something you would not be able to go through surgeries so peacefully without. Apparently, this acid is the anesthetic used to make you numb to pain. Have you heard of those tales where rapists and traffickers will mix something in the drinks of girls and then take them away? That something is GHB.

Apparently, it is colorless and odorless, therefore, hard to detect. Apart from that, it is available in small amount in wine, citrus fruits and more. Although it is used quite widely, it is not really cheap. Apparently, a liter of it costs around 660 dollars.

#4 Mercury

Liquid Mercury

Liquid Mercury costs $900 per Liter

Are you thinking of the Planet Mercury? Well, it is not the planet we are talking about. Yes, to your and my surprise, mercury the metal is on this list as an expensive liquid.

You sure do have mercury in those thermometers for measuring your fever. However, the reason it is affordable is the same as insulin- you use it in very small amounts. And, the teh reason it is so expensive is the difficult extraction process.

Mercury stays as a liquid in room temperature, as a result, it is very difficult to collect. Apart from that, something so amusing is ought to be expensive right? Try touching the mercury from a broken thermometer, you will have fun. It costs around 900 dollars per liter

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#5 LSD- Lysergic acid diethylamide

LSD- Lysergic acid diethylamide

Diluted LSD costs $120,000 per gallon

Yes, you definitely are familiar with this name. It either scares you or you get a very dark vibe from it. LSD is capable of causing delusions, anxiety, paranoia and more with its hallucinogenic effects. However, in case someone does become addicted, he is in for quite a hard time.

Because this drug is nowhere near affordable. It will cost around 123 thousand dollars per gallon. So, you better not get into a situation to try LSD.

#6 Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Chanel No. 5 Perfume costs 6900 per Liter

Can you believe it? It is a perfume that is on the most expensive liquids list. Imagine the fortune the chemists and producers of this perfume make every year. Apparently, Chanel has made it the flagship and most expensive perfume it offers.

It is particularly expensive for the ingredients that make it. However, it is still quite widely popular with a liter costing around 6900. People do not even buy medicine so expensive and here we are, buying perfumes.

#7 Horseshoe Crab Blood

Horseshoe Crab blood

Horseshoe Crab costs $15,850 per liter

Remember those experiments you conducted in the school where you cut a frog, saw its beating heart, sewed it back together and let it go alive? The similar is done with horseshoe crab but for a more profitable cause. Apparently, the blood of horseshoes crab is very useful as it has hemocyanin in it.

This substance helps in detecting bacterial endotoxins and is used in medical cases. The extraction process is quite hard and the breathtaking as the color of the blood is blue. In fact, this blood costs around 15,850 dollars per liter.

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#8 King Cobra Venom

King corbra Venom

King corba venom costs $153,000 per Gallon

Snakes are the creepiest and the scariest. And, Cobra is the king of scary and creepy. One bite could kill you instantly.

However, humans often inject the venom of king Cobra willfully in their system. Apparently, doctors do this as the venom works as a more powerful painkiller than morphine. So, as you can see it is quite beneficial.

But also, using it in the wrong way can totally be catastrophic, causing death instantly. The risk that comes with is why the price is so high. Can you imagine catching a KInd Cobra and extracting its venom? That is why it is around 153 thousand dollar per gallon.

#9 Scorpion Venom

Scorpion Venom
Scorpion Venom Extraction by Enrique de la Osa / Reuters

Scorpion Venom costs $39 Million per Gallon

Scorpions are another species of animals with a deadly venom in them. This venom can both make and break a human’s life. The same venom that can kill can also save humans from various diseases.

Apparently, scorpion’s venom can help deal with multiple sclerosis, rheumatic arthritis, and certain types of cancers. You do not need much of it as it costs around 39 million dollars per gallon. Well, even a small dose will cost a lot.

#10 D’Amalfi Limoncello

D'Amalfi Limoncello

D’Amalfi Limoncello cost $44 per Bottle

Finally, we have alcohol in our list. Most people consider old wine the most expensive. However, this bottle is made of ingredients that are quite affordable. For example, lemons from the hilly areas of Italy’s Amalfi.

What makes it so expensive is probably the four diamonds in the bottle. I have no idea why diamonds are necessary for a wine bottle but three 13 karat diamonds and one 18.5 carat diamond decorate the bottle and there were two of these bottles that actually got sold.

Things you buy when you do not have places to spend your money on.

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