10 Facebook Facts You Didn’t Know

10 Cool Facebook Facts

Cool Facebook Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Who didn’t know facebook? Facebook.com has been the number 2 most visited website worldwide, next to Google.com. Facebook owned by CEO Mark Zuckerberg is a platform for social interacting through digital era. Facebook has been widely used in almost all countries. Share your photos, videos, statuses and much much more. Everyone surely knows how Facebook works, but on today’s post, we will going to share some of the amazingly cool Facebook facts you probably never heard of.

#1 You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Facts - You Can't Block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook

Well, his the owner I guess he can do that.

#2 Approximately, there are 600,000 hacking attempts on facebook everyday

Facebook Facts - 600,000 Hacking attempts on Facebook


#3 Facebook Knows when you are going to fall in love

Facebook Facts - Facebook knows when you are in love

This one is pretty creepy, right? Yes, recent Facebook notes that Facebook is getting smarter everyday. It can even detect if you are going to fall in love.

#4 Facebook deploys 7 petabytes of storage every month

Facebook Facts - Facebook Deploys 7 petabytes of Storage Every Month

Yes, that’s right according to DataCenterKnowledge.com Facebook is constantly deploying a total of 7 petabytes storage on their data centers every month. That is millions of photos and videos worth of storage every month! Take note, this data is from 2013 and Facebook is still growing.

#5 9% of Facebook Users are FAKE

Facebook Facts - 9% of Facebook Users are Fake

Facebook has a total of almost 2 Billion monthly active users every month. 9% of those are fake! That is approximately 180 Million of fake users on Facebook! These are probably bots accounts.

#6 Weeks Before Christmas is the most popular time for Break Up


Probably, they are just avoiding to spend money on each other.

#7 One gram of your DNA could store all data of Facebook and Google

Facebook Facts - One gram of your DNA could store all Facebook and Google Data

You are basically a walking data center worth billions of petabytes.

#8 Any text you are typing in facebook chat box, status box, even you DONT WANT TO actually post it will be sent to Facebook servers.

Facebook Facts - Facebook Collects Typed Text Even Without Posting it

Well, that’s scary if Facebook decided to share it with someone you are supposed to send it to.

#9 There are Approximately 1.8 Million of Likes are being clicked each minute on Facebook

Facebook Facts - 1.8 Million Likers every Month

#10 Facebook is Spending $30 Million worth of Hosting Expenses every Month

Facebook Facts - Facebook is Spending $30 Million worth of Hosting Expenses every Month

Those are just a few of Facebook facts you probably didn’t know. Watch out for the part two of this post!